The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Ring On, Ye Bells

Words: Grant Colfax Tullar

Music: Grant Colfax Tullar
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Source: I. H. Meredith, Grant Colfax Tullar and J. W. Lerman eds., Sunday School Hymns No. 1. New York: Tullar-Meredith Co., 1903, # 260.

1. Ring, merry bells, this day is born a King;
To the waiting shepherds angels sing;
With gifts of love they journey from afar,
Guiding to the manger by the Star.

Ring on, ye bells, ye merry bells,
Let sweetest anthems fill each heart with joy today;
Ring on, ye bells, ye merry bells,
Ring out the message clear,
Let all the nations hear,
Thy message brings to all good cheer,
    This happy Christmas Day.

2. Ring bells of Christmas! Merrily ye chime,
Send your notes of joy to ev'ry clime,
Drive out the darkness, set the burdened free,
let the land resound with songs of glee. Chorus.

3. Ring on, ye fells, there's music ev'rywhere,
In thy merry notes we'll lose our care:
Free from all sorrow, heats so light and gay.
Join we in Thy praise this Christmas Day. Chorus.

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