The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Rejoice, Ye Faithful Of The Earth

For Christmas, Epiphany

Words: Congaudeat turba fidelium

Music: Not Stated

Source: Daniel Joseph Donahoe, ed., Early Christian Hymns: Series II. Translations of the Verses of the Most Noted Latin Writers of the Early and Middle Ages (Donahoe Publishing Company, 1911), Hymn IV, pp. 201-202. Text only; no music.

Rejoice, ye faithful of the earth,
Behold the Saviour's royal birth
                    In Bethlehem.

Hark to the song that ne'er shall cease;
"Glory to God, to mankind peace,"
                    In Bethlehem.

The shepherds hear the song, and speak;
"Let us the glorious Infant seek
                    In Bethlehem.

There in a manger low, between
The humble beasts, the Child is seen
                    In Bethlehem.

The envious Herod seeks to slay
The Infant King, he should obey, 
                    In Bethlehem.

But Mary safe to Egypt brings
Her tender Son, the King of Kings 
                    In Bethlehem.

Lo! from the virgin's womb is born
The joy of earth this happy morn 
                    In Bethlehem.

And earth with praise shall ever ring
To her who bore the Heavenly King
                    In Bethlehem.

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