The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Rejoice, Ye Babes Around The Coast

Words: George R. Woodward

Source: Rev. George R. Woodward, The Babe Of Bethlehem, Being Some Christmas Carols (48 West Hill, Highgate Village, 1923), #10

1. Rejoice, ye babes around the coast
    (Laetetur Concio)
Of Bethlehem, a blameless host.
    (Loetetur chorus hodie:
    Laetetur puerorum chorus hadie
    Canticorum canticis

2. Fear not: if Herod play you rough,
Anon it shall be smooth enough.

3. Be of good cheer: this royal sport
Shall bring you bliss with good report.

4. For henceforth ne’er a year shall pass
Without your fear of Childermas.

5. The King of kings doth fend from far
[To set you home] a triumph-car.

6,‘Tis deckt with lilies, palms of price,
And roses, fresh from Paradise.

7. The Gold-smith there in gold doth mount
Rich rubies on your each account.

8. To-day ye shall be wiser far
Than aged folk, your teachers, are.

9. So momentary struggle spurn,
Eternal knighthood thus to earn.

10. No weeping! Quit your cots, to gain,
By bill and brand, this triumph-wain.

11. Hark, Herod’s henchmen! Babes, arise,
Make Martyr-Crown and Palm your prize!

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