The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Rejoice, Loud Hallelujahs Let Us Sing

For the Christmas-tide

Words: English Traditional

Music: Not Stated

Source: A Selection of Carols, Pieces, and Anthems, Suitable for Christmas. (London: W. Kent and Co.; Penzance: F. Rodda, ca. 1872), pp. 44-45.

Rejoice, loud hallelujahs let us sing,
To our blest Saviour, Lord and King,
Whom mighty love brought down from heaven to earth,
On this auspicious morn that gave him birth
Near Bethlehem, in Judah’s fruitful plains,
In simple chat the young Euphratian swains
Were lost, while safely fed their fleecy care,
When in the east appeared Messiah’s star,
A sudden blaze of unexpected light
Dispels the gloom, and bursts upon the sight,
Their spirits sank—alarmed their every fear,
They see a glorious seraphim appear,
A host of angels then the place surround
And either with the harmony resound !
To swell the chorus, every voice they blend,
And soft and solemn all to heaven ascend.

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