The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Rejoice in Jesu's Birth!

Hymn XIX.

For Christmas

Words: Charles Wesley

Source: John Wesley, ed., A Collection of Hymns, for the Nativity of our Lord: and for New-Year's-Day (London: Printed at the Conference Office, 1806, 1810), p. 17.

1. Rejoice in Jesu's birth!
     To Us a Son is given,
To us a Child is born on earth,
     Who fills both earth and heaven!
     His shoulder props the sky,
     This universe sustains!
The God supreme, the Lord most high,
     The King Messiah reigns!

2. His Name, his Nature, soars
     Beyond the creature's ken!
Yet, whom th' angelic Host adores,
     He pleads the cause of men!
     Our Counsellor we praise,
     Our Advocate above,
Who daily in his church displays
     His miracles of love.

3. Th' Almighty God is He,
     Author of heavenly bliss,
The Father of eternity,
     The glorious Prince of Peace!
     Wider and wider still
     He doth his sway extend,
With peace divine, his people sill,
     And joys that never end.

4. His government shall grow,
     From strength to strength proceed,
His righteousness the church o'erflow,
     And all the earth o'erspread:
     His presence shall increase
     The happiness above,
The full, progressive happiness
     Of everlasting love.

5 Now for thy promise' sake,
     O'er earth exalted be;
The kingdom, power, and glory take,
     Which all belong to thee!
     In zeal for God and man,
     Thy full salvation bring!
The universal Monarch reign,
     The saint's eternal King!

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