The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Raise We Our Voices to the Lord of Glory

For Christmas

Words: Adeste Fideles, John Francis Wade (c. 1711/2-1786), circa 1743/4

Translator: Unknown

Source: William Woodcock (Curate of St. Philip's, Birmingham), Select Portions of Psalms & Hymns, For the Use of the Congregation of St Philip's in Birmingham, With Additions (Birmingham: T. Chapman, 1811), pp. 193-4.

First published in the Ashborne Collection,  Uttoxeter, 1808.

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Adeste Fideles Translations

1. Raise we our voices to the Lord of Glory,
    Who o'er the pow'rs of Hell such triumphs won!
How fade the deeds of heros fam'd in story;
    Like twinkling stars before the rising sun;
        See him descending;
        Angel-hosts attending;
        Chaunting adoration:
        Hailing all creation,
        With tidings of Salvation,
        For Man begun!1

2. View we with awe the heav'nly infant stranger;
    For 'tis a God, reveal'd to mortal eyes!
See, lowly lying in the hallow'd manger,
    Beauty celestial pierce the mean disguise!
        See his fond Mother,
        Transport scarcely smother!
        Wrapt in meditation;
        Lost in admiration,
        That she from all her nation
        Should bear the prize!

3. See eastern sages, by a star directed,
    Gold, myrrh, and frankincense in tribute bring,
See the sweet babe by his dread sire protected,
    From the fell rage of Judah's cruel King!
        See him -- (all things ended
        Love divine intende)--
        On the cross expiring;
        Then to bliss retiring:
        All earth, all Heav'n admiring!
        Then, joyful, sing:

4. "Blessing and honour, glory and thanksgiving
    "Be unto Him, who sitteth upon the Throne
"And to the Lamb, once slain, now ever-living:
    "Whose precious blood was shed, our guilt t' attone:
        "O Holy Spirit,
        "Source of merit.
        "Grant thy grace restoring,
        "When we kneel, imploring,
        "And when we sing adoring,
        "The THREE IN ONE!"


1. If sung on Christmas Day, the last line of the Stanza must be, "This day begun!"

Editor's Note:

Other hymns for Advent, Christmas, New Year and Epiphany are hymns 1-21, inclusive, beginning on p. 85.

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