The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Proface, Welcom, Well Come

De Natiuitate

Source: William Sandys, Christmas Carols Ancient and Modern (London: Richard Beckley, 1833)


Compare: Profate, welcome, wellecome! - Thomas Wright
Proface (Rickert)


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1. Proface, welcom, well come,
This tyme ys born a chylde of grace,
yt for vs mäkynde hathe take.

2. A kyngs sone and an emperoure
ys comyn oute of a maydynys toure,
wt vs to dwelle wt grete honowre.

3. This holy tyme of cristsmesse
All sorwe and synne we shulde relese,
And caste away all heuynesse.

4. The gode lord of this place entere
Seith welcome to all yt now apere
Vnto suche fare as ye fynde here.

5. Well come be this new ere,
And loke ye all be of gode chere,
Oure lorde god be at oure denere.

Sandys' Note:

This [is] from Addit. MSS. 5665. (formerly in Ritson's possession,) being a collection of church services, hymns, carols and songs in score, made (as it supposed) in the time of Henry VIII [1491-1547, reign 1509-1547].

The term 'proface' was a familiar exclamation at meals signifying "much good may it do you." Narel's Glossary.

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