The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Praise, Lord

Authorship Unknown

Praise, Lord, we sing Hallelujah!
Praise, Lord, from all the earth!
Praise, Lord, we sing out Your glory;
All of Your people praise You.

1. Praise our God, the sun who melts the winter snow,
Sends us promise of the spring.
Praise Him, He has banished night and sorrow,
Sing His praises, come and sing.

2. Praise the Lord, O praise Him in His coming,
Born a man in Bethlehem.
Praise Him in His living and His dying,
Come to free the sons of men.

3. Praise Him with the bright and singing silver bells,
Bring a torch to light His way.
He is Lord, the man we know as Jesus,
Born again for us today.

4. Sing His songs, strong men and gentle women,
Praise Him, children, babes asleep!
He has come to teach us of His Father,
And to show us His love so deep.

5. Praise Him, Son of Joseph and of Mary,
Born in David's family.
Praise Messiah, come to save all Israel,
Sing His praises eternally.

6. Glory, glory, sing His hallelujah,
Let all creation praise His name!
He, the Christ, our Saviour and our brother,
Always new, yet still the same.


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