The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Over the River and Through the Woods

Grandma's Version - Humor

Authorship Unknown

MIDI / Noteworthy Composer
MIDI and derived Noteworthy Composer score from Laura's MIDI Heaven

1. Over the river and through the woods,
They're almost here, I know!
The horse knows the way
And guides the sleigh
Too fast over the ice and snow!

2. Potatoes aren't peeled,
the peas not shelled,
The turkey not quite done;
There's another fly in the pumpkin pie!
Who says, "Thanksgiving is fun?"

3. If the children are seated all in one place
They are sure to raise Holy Ned,
But no parent will blame
His Children by name,
But think it's the others instead.

4. Those that get dark meat would rather have white,
The potatoes could stand more beating,
The gravy boat's dry,
They are looking for pie,
When will they ever quit eating?

5. Now for the pies, apple, pumpkin and mince,
Of course they all pick the same one.
Ah well, its almost through,
Just the dishes left to do--
What's that? You have to run!

6. Over the river and through the woods,
Next year when they glide o'er the snow,
I'll be safely in town
At an inn of renown
And they can find someplace else to go!!!


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