The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Our Souls Shall Magnify The Lord

For Advent

Words: Isaac Watts, Hymns and Spiritual Songs, 1707-9.

Hymn 1:60.
The virgin Mary's song; or, The promised Messiah born, Luke 1. 46 &c.

Music: Not Stated

1. Our souls shall magnify the Lord,
In God the Saviour we rejoice;
While we repeat the Virgin's song,
May the same spirit tune our voice.

2. The Highest saw her low estate,
And mighty things his hand hath done:
His overshadowing power and grace
Makes her the mother of his Son.

3. Let every nation call her bless'd,
And endless years prolong her fame;
But God alone must be ador'd;
Holy and reverend is his Name.

4. To those that fear and trust the Lord
His mercy stands for ever sure:
From age to age his promise lives,
And the performance is secure.

5. He spake to Abr'am and his seed,
"In thee shall all the earth be bless'd;"
The memory of that ancient word
Lay long in his eternal breast.

6. But now no more shall Israel wait,
No more the Gentiles lie forlorn:
Lo the desire of nations comes,
Behold the promis'd seed is born.

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