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On Christmas Night, All Christians Sing

For Christmas

Words: On Christmas Night All Christians Sing, Attributed to Bishop Luke Waddinge (1628- ca. 1691), Bishop of Ferns, Ireland
A Smale Garland of Pious and Godly Songs (Ghent, 1684)

This is one of many variants of this carol;
On Christmas Night - Notes and On Christmas Night - Sheet Music.

Five verses of four lines.

Music: Numerous Tunes

Source: Broadside Harding B 7(58) - Edition - Bod19103
Printed and Sold by J. Catnach, 2, Monmouth-Court, 7 Dials, London, between 1813 and 1838.

Plants of Paradise
For Christmas Holidays

1. On Christmas night true Christians sing
To hear what news the angels bring,
News of great joy, cause of great mirth,
News of ?? ?????ful King's birth.

2. The King of Kings of earth and heaven,
The King of angels and of men
Angels and men with joy may sing,
All for to see the new-born King.

3. Angels with joy sing in the air,
That Christ man's ruin may repair,
And prisoners in their chains rejoice;
To hear the music of his voice.

4. And now on earth can men be sad,
Our Redeemer's come to make us glad,
From sin and hell to set us free,
For he hath bought our liberty.

Omitted verse 5, Let sin depart, behold his grace,

5. From out of darkness we have light,
Which makes all angels sing this night,
Glory to God and peace to man,
Both now and evermore, Amen.

Broadside Harding B 7(58)

Harding B 7(58)-00780-Crop.jpg (410316 bytes)


I was able to locate four Broadsides at the Broadside Ballads Online, Bodleian Library, Oxford, that contained this carol. One had only two differences from A Good Christmas Box, and another was so degraded that it was difficult to make out the words. The last two has enough changes that they constituted new versions.

The broadside with just two differences from "A Good Christmas Box" was printed by D. Wrighton, Birmingham. The two differences were:

Douce adds. 137(58)-14986-Crop.jpg (459447 bytes)

Douce adds. 137(58)-14986

The broadside that was badly degraded had the title "The Black Decree With Two New Christmas Carols;" it has six verses beginning "On Christmas Night all Christians sing."

Firth b.34(29)-17212-Crop.jpg (1394376 bytes)

Firth b.34(29)-17212

The other broadside that had enough differences from "A Good Christmas Box" to justify a separate version was

Johnson Ballads 1392A-21130-Crop.jpg (378959 bytes)

Johnson Ballads 1392A

See On Christmas Night - Johnson Ballads 1392A.

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