The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Old Tin Star

Words by Murray McLauchlan
Date Unknown

How old was I, 5 or 6 or so
The innocent years, long ago
Father on a chair
Reaching up so far
Crowning the tree, with that old tin star

And it shines so pretty
Diamonds in the sun
Nothin' but good things will ever come
Little boy don't grow up
Stay as sweet as you are
So you still gaze in wonder
At that old tin star

I grew up and I found a place to live
As I unpacked my things I found a gift
And it felt like home, though I'd come so far
For there in my hands was that old tin star. Chorus

I have kids of my own and troubles I've had some
I've cried my tears and I've had my fun
I climb that chair and I reach out so far
And my son looks up at that old tin star. Chorus


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