The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Of On That Is So Fayr and Bri3t

A Song to the Virgin

Words: English Traditional from Egerton Ms. 613, Leaf 2.
Compare: Of On That Is So Fayr and Bright (Chambers and Sidgwick, 1907)

Music: Not Stated

Source: Rev. Richard Morris, ed., An Old English Miscellany (London, E.E.T.S. 1872), Carol #XXVIII, p. 194-195.

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A Song To The Virgin.

Of on žat is so fayr and briƺt.
        velud maris stella.
Briƺter  žan  že day-is liƺt.
        parens et puella.
Ic crie to  že  žou se to me.
Leuedy preye  ži sone for me. [Lady, pray to thy Son for me,]
        tam pia.
 žat ic mote come to  že [that I may come to thee]

Of kare conseil  žou ert best. 12 [Thou art the best counsel of the sorrowful;]
        felix fecundata.
Of alle wery  žou ert rest. [and thou art rest to the weary.]
        mater honorata.
Bi-sek him wiz milde mod. [Beseech thy Son that we may come to him.]
 žat for ous alle sad is blod.
        in cruce. 16
 žat we moten komen til him.
        In luce.

Al  žis world was for-lore. [All this world was forlorn]
        eua peccatrice!
Tyl our lord was y-bore [until our Lord was born.]
        de te genitnce.
With aue it went a-way.
 žuster nyth and comet phte day 24 [The dark night departed and the day of salvation came.]
 že welle springet hut of  že [In thee is the well of virtue.]

Leuedi flour of alle  žing. 28 [Thou, O Lady, the thornless rose,]
        rosa sire spina.
 žu bere ihesu heuene king. [didst bear heaven's King--]
        gratia diuina.
Of alle  žu berst  že pris. 32
Leuedi quene of parays. [thou art Queen of Paradise.]
Mayde milde. Moder.
        es effecta. 36

Wei he wot he is  ži sone. [Well does Jesus know that he is thy Son.]
        uentre quem portasti.
He wyl nout werne  že  ži bone. [He will not refuse thee thy requests.]
        paruum quem lactasti ! 40
So hende and so god he his.
He hauet brout ous to blis. [He has brought us to bliss,]
 žat hauez hi-dut  že foule put. 44 [he closed the foul pit of hell.]
Explicit cantus iste.

Editor's Note:

Text contained in square brackets, ie., [ ], are from Rev. Morris.

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