The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

O Saviour of Our Fallen Race


Words: Christe Redemptor Omnium, Latin office him, circa 6th Century
Translator: Gilbert E. Doan, Jr., 1930-
Lutheran Book of Worship, #49 (1978) & The Hymnal 1982, #85

Compare: O Christ, Redeemer Of Our Race and Jesu, The Father's Only Son

Music: "Christe Redemptor"
MIDI / Noteworthy Composer
Meter: LM

This Christmas Vespers hymn which may date from the ninth or tenth century, was found in the Sarum, York (Salisbury) and Aberdeen Breviaries and also in the Roman Breviary before 1525. Later revisions in the text can be found in the Roman Breviary, 1632 and the Paris Breviary, 1736.

Notes from the Hymnuts,

Christe Redemptor

Christe Redemptor is a medieval plainchant, mode 1, a Latin office hymn from the sixth century. The setting in the Lutheran Book of Worship, 1978, is one of the few examples were the tune is proper to the text. There are many different forms of both text and tune. The translation in the Lutheran Book of Worship by Gilbert Doan is made from the original, and the tune is the one found in the Sarum Breviary.



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