The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

O Lord, Our God, In Adoration

Words: R. Michael Cullinan, 1996.

Music: "St. Clement," Clement Cotterill Scholefield, 1874
MIDI / Noteworthy Composer
Meter: 9 8 9 8

1. O Lord, our God, in adoration
We worship You and bend the knee,
With angel hosts our praises singing,
With longing eyes the Christ to see.

2. To shepherds, angels tell the story,
Who run with haste to Bethl'hem near
That they might see this Child most holy
And spread the word that all might hear.

3. Of virgin mother pure and favored,
The King of kings is born this day.
A humble stable gives Him shelter -
His bed, a manger filled with hay.

4. This infant Sovereign comes as servant -
For to this purpose was He sent.
His life and death and resurrection
Are sacrifice and sacrament.

5. And so with kings we kneel before Him
To offer gifts of frankincense;
With myrrh and gold we make oblation -
Each Christian heart on earth repents!

6. Be near us, Lord, when we are weary;
Secure us to Your loving breast
Until You bring us to Your kingdom
Where we shall find eternal rest.

O LORD, OUR GOD, IN ADORATION. 1996, Robert Cullinan. The copyright holder grants permission to reproduce these lyrics, as long as this notice remains with each copy.


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