The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

O Light Resplendent of the Morn

For Christmas

Translation by Rev. John Brownlie

Source: John Brownlie, ed., Hymns from the Morningland (London: Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent & Co., 1911), p. 23-4.

νῦν πάντα πεπλήρωται φωτὸς.


O Light, resplendent of the morn
On golden pinions upwards borne,
That usherest in the day;
We rise responsive to the call,
As night removes her dusky pall,
And speeds her flight away.


O Light, that, from the Fatherís face,
Shone on our world with winning grace,
When darker night prevailed;
We rise to greet Thine Advent bright,
All hail! majestic in Thy might,
When darkness is assailed.


O let my soul Thy rising see;
From every cloud my vision free,
And on my pathway shine;
Then shall my course, in safety trod,
Lead ever nearer to my God,
The source of light divine.


O Jesus, Morn of better day,
Thou Light of lights, Whose gladsome ray
Gives light, and life, and cheer;
Light to my soul, and life impart,
And fill with joy my inmost heart,
And scatter night and fear.


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