The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

O God! O Father, Kind and Best!

For Christmas

Words: John David Chambers

Source: John David Chambers, ed., A Companion to Confession and Holy Communion, Translated and Arranged from the Ancient English Offices of Sarum Use. Second Edition, Revised and Augmented. (London: Lumley, 1853), p. 33.

(From an Ancient English Breviary.)
Deus Pater Piissime.

O God! O Father, kind and best!
What we should ask of Thee suggest;
And, when Thy servants rightly pray,
O! ne'er Thy loving gifts delay.

A heart in penitence brought low,
And streams of sorrowing tears bestow,
To wash our sinful conscience clear
From all the guilt and shame we fear.

The grace of faith in us renew,
And with unfailing strength endue;
So ne'er our constancy shall fail,
Though very Antichrist assail.

Grant us pure wisdom to attain,
And fervent charity to gain;
O ! surest Heaven-descended sign
Of them that please Thy will Divine.

Now Thy sweet promise we believe,
How they that ask shall more receive;
So may Thine own free mercy grant
All other gifts Thy servants want.

All Honour, Glory, Might, and Power,
Through countless ages evermore,
To Thee, O Father ! Son, to Thee,
And Spirit Paraclete shall be. Amen.


This hymn occurs after "A Devout Prayer for the Illumination of Man's Mind," pp. 30-33.

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