The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

O Divine King

Tu scendi dalle stelle - Trad. Italian

This version of “Tu Scendi” by Maria Caruso Benecchi is based on the words by Alfonso De’Liguori, a Renaissance Saint, and on the music for “Quanno Nascette” - this piece was sung every Christmas Eve in Amalfi, at the Cave of Masaniello, where the faithful gathered at midnight. This tradition died out in 1976.

O Divine King,
And you came into a cave,
to the cold and the ice.
O my Divine baby,
I see you there shivering.
O blessed God,
Oh how much it cost you
to have loved us.

For you, who are the Creator
Of the world,
There are no clothes or warmth,
O my Lord.
Dear blessed child,
How much this poverty
Makes me love you more,
Since it was love
that made you come as a poor child.


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