The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Now the Saviour of the Heathen

For Advent

Words: Ambrose, Veni, Redemptor Gentium
Translation of Martin Luther
Translation by Henrietta Joan Fry

Music: Not Stated

Source: Henrietta Joan Fry, Hymns of the Reformation (London: Charles Gilpin, 1845), pp. 1-3.

And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt
among us, and we beheld his glory, the
glory as of the only begotten of the Father,
full of grace and truth. John i. 14.

Now the Saviour of the heathen,
     Saviour of each Gentile race,
          At his advent
     Makes with men his dwelling place.

Known on earth as Son of woman,
     Passing wonder was His birth;
          God ordained it,
     Thus that He should visit earth.

Deity in very nature,
     And, as man, a conquerer true,
          Forth He hastens,
     Mercy's shining course in view.

From the bosom of the Father,
     On His gracious mission bent,
          He was dweller
     In a clay-wrought tenement.

Then to Hades' gates descending,
     See His mystic footsteps gone !
          Now behold Him
     Reinstated in His throne.

Since in oneness with the Father,
     Stands Thine own, Thy mighty name,
          For Thy people
     Let Thine arm the victory claim.

Clothed in all Thy might eternal,
     Power that in Thy God-head lies,
          For our weakness,
     In Thy saving strength arise !

How Thy cradle beams with glory !
     Night itself new radiance gives ;
          Shades must vanish ;
     Faith in heaven's own sunshine lives.

Praises be to God the Father,
     And His own beloved Son,
          Through all ages,
     With the Spirit, Three in One.

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