The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

No Doubt But She That Had The Grace

For the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Feb. 2

Words: George Wither

Music: Not Stated

'Sing this as the Ninth Song.'

Source: George Wither, Hymns and Songs of the Church (London: Printed by the Assigns of George Wither, 1623, reprinted London: John Russell Smith, 1856), Song L, pp. 188-190.

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1. No doubt but she that had the grace,
Thee in her womb, oh Christ, to bear,
And did all womankind surpass,
Was hallow'd by thy being there ;
And where the fruit so holy was,
The birth could no pollution cause,

2. Yet in obedience to thy law,
Her purifying rites were done,
That we might learn to stand in awe,
How from thine ordinance we run ;
For if we disobedient be,
Unpurified souls have we.

3. Oh keep us, Lord, from thinking vain,
What by thy word thou shalt command :
Let us be sparing to complain,
On what we do not understand ;
And guide thy Church, that she may still
Command, according to thy will.

4. Vouchsafe that with one joint consent
We may thy praises ever sing ;
Preserve thy seamless robe unrent,
For which so many lots do fling :
And grant that, being purified
From sin, we may in love abide.

5. Moreover, as thy mother went
(That holy and thrice blessed maid)
Thee in thy Temple to present,
With perfect human flesh array'd;
So let us, offer'd up to thee,
Replenish'd with thy Spirit be.

6. Yea, let thy Church, our mother dear,
(Within whose womb new-born we be)
Before thee at her time appear,
To give her children up to thee ;
And take, for purified things,
Her, and that offering which she brings.

Note from the text, p. 188.

According to the time appointed in the law of Moses, the blessed Virgin St. Mary reckoned the days of Purification, which were to be observed after the birth of a male child; and then, as the law commanded, presented both her son and her appointed offering in the Temple. Partly, there fore, in commemoration of that her true obedience to the law, and partly to memorize that presentation of our Redeemer (which was performed by his blessed mother at her Purification) this anniversary is worthily observed.

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