The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

New Yeres Gyftes to Teche Yonge People

For The New Year

T. T.

Imprinted at London by Wylliam Powell, ca. 1560-1570.

New Yeres Gyftes to Teche Yonge People, HEH Britwell 18343
The Huntington Collection
Located at English Broadside Ballad Archive
University of California, Santa Barbara


 Some fyne gloves devised for Newyeres gyftes to teche yonge people to knowe good from evyll wherby they maye learne the .x. commaundementes at theyr fyngers endes. x. other good lessons be written within the fyngers, the tree of Vertues with her braunches in the right palme and the Route of vyces in the lefte, with a declaration of the other pyctures folowinge in meter.

WHo loveth and wolde vertues increase
and vices eke to over throwe,
Loe heare be gloves that wyl the teache
all evyll in tyme to laye full lowe,
Drawe nere therfore and bye apace
For newyeres gyftes you maye them geve
To olde and younge in every place
Ther is no man will the repreve.
Nowe this matter to make thee understande,
As mans hart is harde gods truth to receve:
So to frosen grounde it is compared
Which in no wyse the plowe can reve.
As the seare tree leaves that falleth to ground,
The worde of god calleth us to grace,
If we forgetfull be not founde
Our wealth shall growe in every place.
But wher mallice and falsehode stil doth raigne
With us in this clere gospelles lyghte,
Ther loke for storme, tempest, and raine,
As plagues from heaven both day and night.
Feare god therfore and love him eke,
With labour trew the Penny wynne,
And to everlastinge joye and blysse,
As before is saide, it will the brynge.
The .x. Commaundementes of the lorde,
At thy fyngers endes here mayest thou lere,
Devided from one hande to the other,
As title telles in mynde to beare.

The fingers tenne yet more doth teache,
Tenne vertues for to beare in harte,
The which if you kepe well in minde,
From all evill wayes thou shalt revarte.
More by these gloves thou mayst well see,
The seame is broke by impacient breath,
That vice to restrayne I advise thee,
Eche time and houre remembre death.
Within the Palmes thou mayst well learne
Vertues to knowe in thy right hande
And vyces in the lefte to over turne,
If with shielde of faith, thou stoutly stande.
Detestation of synne, and desyre to do good
As braselettes fine I advise thee holde,
With devoute prayer for mercy and grace,
Then hope well thou mayst be bolde.
Throughe Christ our saviour safe to be,
And his juste judgement to imbrace,
This is the truste I have trewly
Within the sterres to have a place.
And ryde alofte above the skyes
In Quintessence I hope to dwell,
Where joye and solace shall never cease
All worldely pleasures they do excell.

God save the Quene.


Some types of New Year's ballads were intended to spark the conscience, and were paired with Christmas ballads during these times, with the ultimate goal to be a reminder of the Second Advent (the Second Coming of Christ, and the subsequent Judgment). Examples of such ballads include:

Other New Year's Broadsides include:

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