The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Many Happy Lovers Make Their Love in June and May

From a 19th Century Irish Broadside


Many happy lovers make their love in June and May,
And more they love at Christmas time, and on New Year's Day,
But we should thank the heavens and the God that gave us birth,
Because we are all Irish, in the little Gem on earth ;
That we may live for many a year and love on as we may,
To praise the coming Christmas, and enjoy our New Year's Day.

And more so in this city where we claim such joy and mirth,
That we may love and honour, this dear Island of our birth
That we may live in peace and joy, and comrades, with us stay
To bless the coming Christmas and enjoy our New Years Day day.

Let lovers then but study this, no troubles can live on,
And their sorrow then declining shall fall off one by one,
And think of him that loves this and don't forget to pray,
That hell enjoy his Christmas and his coming New Year's day.

Oh ! many hearts and hands we had, here some months age,
Are far off now in distant lands, and more are lying low,
But still their memory dwells with us, as love and sorrow may,
To think of them at Christmas time and the coming New Years Day.

Many of us alive to-night so proud in way and mind,
Like waves that dash against the strand will leave a mark behind,
And many more in far off lands away from us must stray,
And can ne'er enjoy our Christmas, or our coming New Year's Day.


At the bottom of the page is printed "Ballinamuck," which is a small village in north County Longford, Ireland. There is no evidence of the printer, year, etc.

Note that the first verse consists of six lines, while all others are four lines long. The last two lines of the first verse might be the burden or chorus.

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