The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Lullaby On Christmas Eve

Alternate Title: Mother Her Vigil Is Keeping

Words: Norwegian by Albert J. Lange
Translation by Oscar R. Overby

Music: F. Melius Christiansen

Source: Lilla Belle Pitts, et. al. Eds., Singing Juniors (Boston: Ginn and Company, 1953), Page 156

1. Mother her vigil is keeping
Hush, little babe, to her song;
Rest three secure in thy sleeping,
Grow thee more stately and strong.
Slumber, slumber,
Gently thine eyelids close:
Slumber, slumber,
Cradled in sweet repose.

2. Mother in fervent devotion
Bends o’er the cradle tonight,
Shields from all earthly commotion,
Shelters her treasured delight,
Biding, biding,
Caroling angels wait
Biding, biding,
Vigil at heaven’s gate.

3. Babe of my bosom, be winging
Softly where dream-lands begin,
Christmas eve bells area-ringing,
Festively calling thee in,
Kling-klang, kling-klang,
Dream of the Child divine,
Kling-klang, king-klang,
Dear little babe of mine.


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