The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

The Lord Of Glory

Words: Louis F. Benson, July 1, 1897

Music: William G. Fischer, Angels Of Peace, 1896
Meter: CM With Refrain
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Source: Louis F. Benson, Hymns Original And Translated (Philadelphia: The Plimpton Press, 1925)

1. A Glory lit the wintry sky
    Before the break of day,
And in a little house near by
    The Lord of Glory lay:
        Angels of peace the tidings bring,
        Angels of Jesus sing.

2. Our common ways with anxious feet
    The Lord of Glory trod,
But met not one in lane or street
    That knew the Son of God:
        Angels of peace their greetings bring,
        Angels that may not sing.

3. "I come to bring the weary rest,"
    The Lord of Glory said,
Yet found no place to east or west
    Where He might lay His head:
        Angels of peace above Him still,
        Angels await His will.

4. And when they led Him forth to die,
    Around His cross of shame
The men He came to save stood by
    And mocked their Saviour's Name:
        Angels of peace their stations keep,
        Angels of sorrow weep.

5. O Son of Man whom angels know!
    O heart of man, how cold,
How dull to see, to praise how slow,
    Now as in days of old!
        Angels of peace their hymns upraise,
        Angela of glory praise.

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Note: Rev. Benson included this hymn under the section titled "Christ's Life On Earth." It is included on this site because of its first verse.

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