The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

The Lord At First Did Adam Make

For Christmas Eve

Compare: The Lord At First Had Adam Made (William Sandys, 1833)
See also A Carol For Christmas Eve (Bramley and Stainer)

Words and Music: English Traditional

Source: Davies Gilbert, Some Ancient Christmas Carols. London: John Nichols And Son, Second Edition, 1823, Carol #1, pp. 1-4.
Also compared to Davies Gilbert, "Some Ancient Christmas Carols."
London: Nichols and Sons, 1822, reprinted Boston: Elibron Classics, 2007.
The 1822 edition has been scanned and posted on Google Books.

Other sheet music and notes at:
The Lord At First Had Adam Made (William Sandys, 1833)

1. The Lord at first did Adam make
    Out of the dust and clay,
And in his nostrils breathed life,
    E'en as the Scriptures day.
And then in Eden's Paradise
    He placed him to dwell,
That he within it should remain
    To dress and keep it well.

Now let good Christians all begin
    An holy life to live,
And to rejoice and merry be,
    For this is Christmas Eve.

2. And then within the garden he
    Commanded was to stay,
And unto him in commandment
    These words the Lord did say:
The fruit which in the garden grows
    To thee shall be for meet,
Except the tree in the midst thereof,
    Of which thou shalt not east. Chorus.

3. For in the day that thou shalt eat,
    Or do it them come nigh;
For if that thou doth eat thereof
    Then surely thou shalt die.
But Adam he did take no heed
    Unto that only thing,
But did transgress God's holy law,
    And so was wrapt in sin. Chorus.

4. Now mark the goodness of the Lord
    Which he for mankind bore,
His mercy soon he did extend,
    Lost man for to restore;
And then for to redeem our souls
    From death and hellish thrall,
He said his own dear son should be
    The Saviour of us all. Chorus.

5. Which promise now is brought to pass,
    Christians, believe it well;
And by the coming of God's dear Son
    We are redeemed from thrall.
Then if we truly do believe,
    And do the thing aright;
Then by his merits we at last
    Shall live in Heaven bright. Chorus.

6. Now for the blessings we enjoy,
    Which are from Heaven above,
Let us renounce all wickedness
    And live in perfect love.
Then shall we do Christ's own command,
    Ev'n his own written word,
And when we die in Heaven shall
    Enjoy our living Lord. Chorus.

7. And now the tide is nigh at hand,
    Int' which our Saviour came;
Let us rejoice, and merry be,
    In keeping of the same.
Let's feed the poor and hungry souls,
    And such as do it crave;
Then when we die, in Heaven sure,
    Our reward we shall have. Chorus.

Sheet Music from Davies Gilbert, Some Ancient Christmas Carols (London: John Nichols And Son, First Edition, 1822)

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Sheet Music from the 1823 Edition

In the 1822 edition, Gilbert's note at the bottom of the page concerning the Burden is: "Then let fond Christians &c."

Sheet Music from Richard R. Terry, Gilbert and Sandys' Christmas Carols (London: Burns, Oates & Washbourne, Ltd., 1931). The Words and Music from Gilbert
MIDI / Noteworthy Composer / PDF

Rev. Terry noted that there were eight stanzas in the original. I'm unclear as to which original Rev. Terry is referring, however, in Gilbert's 1822 edition, there were seven verses, as given above. William Sandys in 1833 also gives seven verses. Bramley and Stainer, A Carol For Christmas Eve, give six verses.

Sheet Music from Richard Runciman Terry, Two Hundred Folk Carols (London: Burns Oates & Washbourne Limited, 1933), pp. 2-3.

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During the Advent season, a traditional theme is that of Jesus as "Second Adam," with a frequent and sometimes lengthy recitation of the evils that have befallen mankind since that first fall, and the remembrance that the birth of Jesus heralds the redemption of mankind. Also see When God At First Created Man.

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The Lord At First Did Adam Make - Davies Gilbert

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