The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Look, Here Comes The Steamboat

Traditional Dutch Sinterklaas Song: Zie ginds komt de stoomboot

MIDI / Noteworthy Composer

Look, there is the steamer from far a-way lands.
It brings us St. Nich'las, he's waving his hands.
His horse is aprancing on deck, up and down,
The banners are waving in village and town.

Black Peter is laughing and tells ev'ry one,
'The good kids get candy, the bad ones get none!'
Oh, please dear St. Nich'las, if Pete and you would
just visit our house for we all have been good.

Another Translation:

'Look there comes the steamer from Spain t'us again.
It brings us Saint Nicholas he stands in our rain.
How's hopping his little horse on deck up and down,
and flags are just fluttering as the steamship's comes down.

His servant is laughing and shouting to us:
'Who is sweet will get goodies, who is naughty will not.'
Oh dearest Saint Nicholas do you come to me?
And don't pass by silently and leave me with the tea



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