The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

The Longing Eyes That Sought The Light

For Christmas

Translator: John Brownlie


Source: John Brownlie, Trans., Hymns of the Apostolic Church (Paisley: Alexander Gardner, 1909)
Christmas Hymns from John Brownlie


The longing eyes that sought the light
Are filled with glad amaze,
As, from the depths of brooding night,
The morning meets their gaze;
O weary night! its hours are past,
And morning light hath dawned at last.


O Christ, Who in the heart of God,
Eternal, did'st repose;
Whom to proclaim to earth abroad,
The seer and prophet rose;
Now comes to earth, Incarnate Word,
To tell the love of God our Lord.


Now hearts respond that, mute before,
In night and silence dwelt,--
Who longed, in worship, to adore
A love they never felt;
For night is gone, and silence rings,
And every heart responsive, sings.


Hail, Christ of God! Anointed One,
From sin's dark night to free;
Thou art the One-begotten Son
Whom ages longed to see;
O weary night, its hours are past,
And morning light hath dawned at last.

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