The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Long Ago A Shining Throng

Alternate Title: Mighty God and Prince of Peace

Words: Kate Ulmer

Music: W. A. Post
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Source: I. H. Meredith, Grant Colfax Tullar and J. W. Lerman eds., Sunday School Hymns No. 1. New York: Tullar-Meredith Co., 1903, # 256.

1. Long ago a shining throng,
Thrilled the midnight air with song;
For the Savior promised long,
Lay in Bethl’em’s stall.
Over Judah’s silent plain,
Sweetly rang the joyous strain;
Of His birth, Who yet shall reign,
As King of all.

Praise Him, angels bright,
Praise Him, stars of light,
Tell His wondrous might,
Who today was born.
Shout, O shout His Name,
Gladly now proclaim,
How to save He came,
This happy morn.

2. Mighty God and Prince of Peace,
Never shall His glory cease;
But forever more increase,
Till He rules alone.
All the earth shall own His sway,
Crowns and kingdoms pass away;
Kings to him shall tribute pay,
Upon the throne. Refrain

3. Sing, ye heav’nly hosts on high,
Sons of men, with joy reply,
Sound His praise through earth and sky,
In His love rejoice.
Let the swelling chorus ring,
Hail Him Lord and crown Him King;
Of His pow’r forever sing,
With heart and voice. Refrain

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