The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Let All Our Hearts Rejoice

For Christmas

Words: Jonathan Whittemore's Cento of "From Yon Ethereal Heavens" by Miss H. J. Fry, in her Hymns of the Reformation, 1845, p. 20, from Jonathan Whittemore, ed., A Supplement to all Hymn Books (London: Adams & King, 1850), Hymn #5, p. 3, itself a paraphrase of "Vom Himmel Kam Der Engel Schar" by Martin Luther, Geistlicite Lieder (Wittenberg, 1543).

Meter: S.M.

1 Let all our hearts rejoice,
.....Jesus the Son of God,
Hath deign’d to put our nature on,
.....And as our surety stood.

2 In bonds of brotherhood,
Children of God are ye,
With Him who with the Father dwelt,
From all eternity.

3. "What power have sin and death,
To work his brethren’s woe ;
Tho‘ devils rage, his arm of strength,
Shall conquer every foe.

4 The Son of God our friend,
In time of need will prove,
Source and companion of our joy,
Our guardian shield [word lost] love.

5 In faith and patient zeal,
Your toilsome course pursue ;
And let your praise to God ascend,
In songs for ever new.

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