The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

The Kynges Baneres Beth Forth Y-lad

For Christmas

Words: William Herebert, ca. 1330

Music: Unknown

Source: Thomas Wright and James Orchard Halliwell, eds., ReliquiŠ AntiquŠ. Vol. 1 of 2. (London: John Russell Smith, 1845), pp. 87-88.

One of two Hymns and Antiphones written by William Herebert, a Franciscan friar and famous preacher about 1330. From a MS. on vellum, written with his own haud, formerly inthe possession of Mr. Fermor of Tusmore, in Oxfordshire, and afterwards in that of Mr. Heber, in the sale catalogue of whose books (1835) it was numbered 1470.

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Vexilla regis prodeunt, etc.

The kynges baneres beth forth y-lad;
The rode tokne is nou to-sprad.
Wharhe that wrouth havet al monkinne,
An-honged was vor oure sinne.

Quo vulneratus insuper.

Ther he was wounded vurst and y-swonge,
Wyth sharpe spere to herte y-stonge,
To washen ous of sinne clene,
Water and blod ther ronne at ene.

Impleta sunt quce concinit.

Y-volvuld ys Davidthes sawe,
That sothe was prophete of the olde lawe,
That sayde, " Men, §e
mowen y-se
Hou Godes trone ys rode tre."

Arbor decora etfulgida.

H[a]3l ! troe that art so vayr y-kud,
And wyth kynges pourpre y-s'hrud;
Of wourthy stok y-kore thou were,
That so holy limmes oup bere.

Beata cwjus hrachiis.

Blessed be thou that havest y-bore
The wordles raunsoun that was vor-lore;
Thou art y-maked Crystes Aveye,
Thorou the he tok of helle preye.

O crux, ave.

Ha! croyz, myn hope, onliche my trust,
The nouthe ich grete wyth al my lust;
The mylde gode sped in rithfolnesse,
To sunfole men sheu mylsfohiesse.

Te summa Deus.

A ! God, the hey§e trinite,
AUe gostes hery§e the !
Hoem that thou bouhtest on rode troe,
Hoere wissere evermore thou boe. Amen.

N. H.

Editor's Note:

Compare: The kiges baner on felde is playd (retyped in "Old Blacketter:" The kiges baner on felde is playd.)

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