The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Kings In Glory

Words: Traditional, 15th Century

Music: Charles F. Waters

Source: Carol 6, The Oxford Easy Anthem Book (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1957)

1. Three Kings in great glory of horses and men,
Of horses and men,
In haste come a riding o’er mountain and fen,
O’er mountain and fen;
For their King is a waiting and lo they would bring,
And lo they would bring,
The best of their treasure to give to their King,
To give to their King.

2. Poor shepherds lie huddled tonight on the plain,
Tonight on the plain,
Their silly sheep guarding from danger and pain,
From danger and pain;
For the wolves howl around them, and bitter the air,
And bitter the air,
That blows o’er the snowfield all frozen and bare,
All frozen and bare.

3. Come monarchs, and enter, your Monarch is here,
Your Monarch is here,
Doff crowns, on the bare sod fall down and revere,
Fall down and revere;
For the best you can offer is little, I tow,
Is little I trow,
To the Lord God of Heav’n you’re a kneeling to now,
A kneeling to now.

4. Come, shepherds, and fear now, he will not despise
He will not despise
The Gifts that you bring him, tho’ rude in men’s eyes,
Tho’ rude in men’s eyes.
See he’s not arrayed here in purple and gold,
In purple and gold,
God’s Lamb lies as helpless as lamb of your fold,
As lamb of your fold.

5. Then simple and gentle, and foolish and wise,
And foolish and wise,
Come adore the great Lord of the earth and the skies,
The earth and the skies,
Who deigns for us all on this night to be born,
This night to be born,
This night that is fairer than mid-summer morn,
Than midsummer morn.


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