The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

The King Of Glory Sends His Son

For Epiphany
Nunc Dimittis - John Cennick

Words: Isaac Watts, 1674-1748

Music: Not Known
Meter: LM (88 88)

The King of Glory sends his Son
    To make his entrance on this earth;
Behold the midnight bright as noon,
    And heavenly hosts declare his birth.

About the young Redeemer's head
    What wonders and what glories meet!
An unknown star arose, and led
    The eastern sages to his feet.

Simeon and Anna both conspire
    The infant-Saviour to proclaim;
Inward they felt the sacred fire,
    And blessed the babe, and owned his name.

Let Jews and Greeks blaspheme aloud,
    And treat the holy child with scorn;
Our souls adore the eternal God
    Who condescended to be born.


Isaac Watts wrote over 750 hymns in his lifetime including versions of all one hundred and fifty psalms in rhyme. Although Watts was unable to serve his London Puritan congregation because of ill health, he remained active in the lives of the parishioners. His most famous Christmas poem is a poetic version of Psalm 98, Joy to the World. Return

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