The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Jhesu Of A Mayde Yu Woldest Be Born

De Natiuitate

Source: William Sandys, Christmas Carols Ancient and Modern (London: Richard Beckley, 1833)


Compare: Jhesu of a mayde thou woldest be borne - Thomas Wright


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Jhesu fili virginis
miserere nobis.

1. Jhesu of a mayde yu woldest be born
to saue man kynde that was for lorne,
    and all for owr synnes:
                            miserere nobis.

2. Angelis ther were, mylde of mode,
song to yt swete fode
    Wt ioye and blisse:
                            miserere nobis.

3. In a cratche was yt chyde layde,
bothe oxe and asse wt hym playde,
    wt ioye and blisse:
                            miserere nobis.

4. Then for vs he shadde his blode,
and allso he dyedde on ye rode,
    and for vs y wysse:
                            miserere nobis.

5. And then to helle he toke the way
to raunson m yt ther lay,
    wt ioy and blisse:
miserere nobis.

Sandys' Note:

This [is] from Addit. MSS. 5665. (formerly in Ritson's possession,) being a collection of church services, hymns, carols and songs in score, made (as it supposed) in the time of Henry VIII [1491-1547, reign 1509-1547].

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