The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Ivy, Chief Of Trees, It Is

For Christmas

Words and Music: Traditional English
Bodleian Library. MS. Eng. Poet. e. 1. XV Century

See Notes Under The Holly And The Ivy.

Source: Henry Vizetelly, Christmas With The Poets (London: David Bogue, 1851).

Ivy, chief of trees, it is;
Veni coronaberis.

1. The most worthy is she in town;
    He who says other, says amiss;
Worthy is she to bear the crown;
    Veni coronaberis.

2. Ivy is soft, and meek of speech,
    Against all woe she bringeth bliss;
Happy is he that may her reach:
    Veni coronaberis.

3. Ivy is green, of colour bright,
    Of all trees the chief she is;
And that I prove will now be right;
    Veni coronaberis.

4. Ivy, she beareth berries black;
    God grant to all of us his bliss!
For then we shall nothing lack;
    Veni coronaberis.

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