The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

It Was The Quiet Evening

"A Legend Of The Holy Child"

For Christmas

Words: W. C. Dix

Music: Not Stated

Source: Source: William Chatterton Dix, ed., Hymns and Carols for Children (London: W. Knott, 1869), #18, pp. 15-16.

1. It was the quiet evening,
    From out the purple deep
The silver stars were hasting,
    And Jesus lay asleep.

2. The little Jewish children
    Whom sport had thither led,
Brought flowers, and wove a garland,
    Then placed it on His Head.

3. Sweet Mary Mother coming,
    No garland bright sees now,
But cruel thorns are piercing
    The thorn-predestined Brow.

4. Saint Joseph left his work-shed,
    The Precious Babe to greet :
Close to his heart he pressed Him,
    And kissed both Hands and Feet.

5. Sweet Mary Mother coming,
    Where Joseph's touch had been
Five little wounds sees shining,
    All bright with crimson sheen.

6. Her heart was pierced with sorrow,
    Her soul was sick with fears,
She took Him to her bosom,
    And kissed Him through her tears.

7. Sweet Mary Mother, coming
    To tend her Child Divine,
Finds where her tears had fallen
    A Cross of crystal shine.

8. Then pondered she in sadness,
    With many a bitter sigh ;
But soon an Angel hasted
    Where lay the Lord Most High :

9. He took away the thorn-wreath,
    He gave a golden Crown,
To Infant Hands, a Sceptre,
    Of more than earth‘s renown.

10 Then joyed the Mother Blessed,
    In Him, the long Foretold,
Her helpless Babe, earth's Helper,
    Her Son, the King of old.


Also appeared in W. Chatterton Dix, ed., Christmas Carols & Christmas Customs (No publisher, location or date; ca. 1870), #13, pp. 3-4, who noted that the music was from "MS", meaning from a manuscript, but which manuscript and the name of the tune were not stated..

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