The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Infant Jesus, We Adore Thee

The Circumcision

Words: William Chatterton Dix (1837-1865)

Music: from the Appendix to the Hymnal Noted, #173, p. 48.
Meter: 87 87 87

Source: William Chatterton Dix, ed., A Vision of All Saints (London: John Hodges, 1871), pp. 167-168.

1. Infant Jesus, we adore Thee,
    Come the Law's demand to pay;
Cross and Passion lie before Thee,
    And Thy Sacred Blood to-day
Flows, that sinners may implore Thee
    In the bloodless Rite for aye.

2. Seven days angels have been singing
    Songs more sweet as each has run;
On the eighth, we hear them bringing,
    (Number of perfection won),
Yet one more, an octave ringing
    To the praise of God the Son.

3. Yes! they hail the blessed flowing
    Of the Precious Blood of God,
Which hereafter, brightly glowing,
    Speaking "better things" abroad,
Shall to all the world be showing
    Cause for never ending laud.

4. Louder than at first creation,
    Lift they now their songs to greet
Blood, the price of earth's salvation,
    Shed for man in drops most sweet,
Crimson tide of expiation,
    For the world's transgression meet.

5. Worthy is the Lamb of blessing,
    Worship, honour, laud, and might!
Who are these, His Name confessing
    In the fire and in the fight?
Who shall be His love expressing
    In the well-won halls of light?

6. They who through much tribulation
    Wage the war and bear the Rood:
They who shall have won salvation,
    Stormed the gate and crossed the flood.
Sing, to-day, with exultation
    Shedding of the Precious Blood !

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