The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

In These Twelve Days

Version 2
Compare In Those Twelve Days (Sandys)

Words and Music: English Traditional From Cornwall

Source: Davies Gilbert, Some Ancient Christmas Carols. London: John Nichols And Son, Second Edition, 1823, Carol #13, pp. 43-45.

1. In these twelve days, and in these twelve days,
    Let us be glad,
    For God of his power
    Hath all things made;
    We have but one God alone
Who in Heaven above sets on this throne.

2. What are these that are but Two
    What are, &c.
    Two Testaments are we told,
The one is the New, the other the Old.

3. What are these that are but Three?
    What are, &c.
    Three Persons in Trinity,
The Father, the Son, and the Ghost Holy.

4. What are these that are but Four?
    What are, &c.
    Four Gospels written true:
There's John, there's Luke, Mark, and Matthew.

5. What are these that are but Five?
What are, &c.
Five Senses we have to tell;
God give us grace to use them well.

6. What are these that are but Six?
What are, &c.
Six Ages the Lord hath sent,
And five of them are almost spent.

7. What are these that are but Seven?
What are, &c.
Seven Days in week have we;
Six to labour, the seventh holy.

8. What are these that are but Eight?
What are, &c.
Eight Altitudes understood,
Which are the Blessings of the Good.

9. What are these that are but Nine?
What are, &c.
Nine Degrees of Angels high?
Which do praise God continually.

10. What are these that are but Ten?
What are, &c.
Ten Commandments God hath given;
Use them well and go to Heaven.

11. What are these that are but Eleven?
What are, &c.
Eleven Thousand Virgins understood
To be crucified for Christ's blood.

12. What are these that are but Twelve?
What are, &c.
Twelve Apostles Christ did chuse,
To preach the Gospel to the Jews.

Sheet Music from Richard R. Terry, Gilbert and Sandys' Christmas Carols (London: Burns, Oates & Washbourne, Ltd., 1931)
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In Those Twelve Days - Terry

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This is one of many "counting" songs among the hymns and carols of Christmas. See the notes to the Twelve Days of Christmas.

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