The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

In Night's Deep Silence

For Advent

Words: Wsrod Nocnej Ciszy, Polish Hymn
Translation: Msgr. John E. Ronan, 1894-1962,
founder of St. Michael's Cathedral Schola in Toronto,
now known as St. Michael's Choir School

Music: "Wsrod Nocnej Ciszy"
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Other Translations include In Midnight's Silence and Wondrous Child

1. In night's deep silence,
Clear a voice rings through
Rise up, ye shepherds,
God is born to you:
Quickly now and go ye over
Seek where Bethl'em
star does hover
Haste to greet your Lord,
Haste to greet your Lord.
Haste to greet your Lord.

2. They went, they found him,
Babe in Manger lies:
Signs which foretold him
Seen with wond'ring eyes:
To their God in homage tender
Words of heart felt greeting render
Songs of greatest joy,
Songs of greatest joy,

3. Ah, welcome Saviour
Whom we've long desired;
For many long years,
Man for thee aspired;
Kings and prophets waited for thee;
Thou this night to us unworthy
Kingly dost appear,
Kingly dost appear.

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