The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Impious Herod, Wherefore Tremble

For Epiphany

Words: Hostis Herodis Impie

Translation: Hamilton Montgomerie Macgill, 1876

Hamilton Montgomerie Macgill, ed., Songs of the Christian creed and life, selected from 18 centuries (London: Basil Montagu Pickering, 1876), #25.

Impious Herod! wherefore tremble,
    That the Christ should claim His own,
He who gives a heavenly kingdom,
    Comes to climb no earthly throne.

Lo these pilgrim sages followed,
    Where their starry signal led,
Sought the True Light, tribute bearing,
    Bowing at His lowly bed.

See Him clense the very laver,
    When He touched old Jordan's flood,
Lamb of God! our sins He carried,
    And He washed us in His blood.

See anon the conscious water,
    Changing at His word divine,
For it saw its Lord, and blushing
    Quickly turned to richest wine.

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