The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

I Need Thee, Precious Jesus

Words: Frederick Whitfield, 1855

Music: Passion Chorale, Hans Leo Hassler, 1861
MIDI / Noteworthy Composer / Sheet Music
Meter: 7 6 8 L

Andreas Bersagel, et al, eds., The Condordia Hymnal
(Minneapolis: Augsburg Publishing House, 1932)

1. I need Thee, precious Jesus,
For I am full of sin;
My soul is dark and guilty,
My heart is dead within
I need the cleansing fountain
Where I can always flee,
The blood of Christ most precious,
The sinnerís perfect plea.

2. I need Thee, blessed Jesus,
For I am very poor
A stranger and a pilgrim,
I have no earthly store.
I need the love of Jesus
To cheer me on my way,
To guide my doubting footsteps,
To be my strength and stay.

3. I need Thee, blessed Jesus;
I need a friend like Thee,
A friend to soothe and pity,
A friend to care for me.
I need the heart of Jesus
To feel each anxious care,
To tell my ev'ry trial,
And all my sorrows share.

4. I need Thee, blessed Jesus,
And hope to see Thee soon,
Encircled with the rainbow
And seated on Thy throne:
There, with Thy blood-bought children,
My joy shall ever be
To sing Thy praise, Lord Jesus,
To gaze, my Lord, on Thee.



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