The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

The husbande of Mary

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Middle English; retyped in "Old Blackletter:" The husbande of Mary

(damage) the husbande of Mary
(damage) Joseph stoode her by
And sayde he was ready
    To serue her if nede were.

When she her deare sonne se
She set him on her kne
And song hydder to me.
    Cum basse thy mother deare

On her lap she him layde
And with her pappe he playde
And euer sang the mayde
    Come basse thy mother dere.

With lyppes collyng
His mouth ofte she dyd kisse
And sayd sweete hert myne
    I pray you make good chere.

To this chylde let vs pray
That borne was on this day
Of Mary the mylde may
    To graunt vs all good chere.



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