The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Holy Chyrch of Hym Makyth Mynd

For Christmas and Epiphany

Words: Ms. Egerton 3307, British Library, ff. 65v. 66 r.

Music: Not Stated, but see John Stevens, ed. Mediaeval Carols. Musica Britannica 4. London: Stainer and Bell, 1952, 2nd ed. 1958: 52.

See Richard L. Greene, A Selection of Carols (Oxford at the Clarendon Press, 1962), #9, pp. 62-63.

Almyghty Jhesu, Kyng of Blysse,
Assumpsit carnem virginis;
He was ever and ever ye
Consors paterni luminis.

Holy Chyrch of hym makyth mynd:
Intravit ventris thalamum;
Fro heven to erth to save mankynd
Pater mandavit Filium.

To Mari com a messenjer
Ferens salutem hominum,
And sche answered with myld steven,
'Ecce ancilla Domini.'

'Thorow the myght of the Holy Gost,
Palacium intrans uteri,
Aboun al thing meykness is best
In conspectu Altissimi.'

Thre kynges apon the [twelfth] day,
Stella micante previa,
To seyk Our Lord thai toke the way,
Baiulates munera.

A ster beforn the kinges ay:
Primus rex aurum optulit;
He ys God and Lord verray:
Secundus rex thus protulit.

He was namyd the thyrd kyng
Incensum pulcrum qui tradidit;
He us al to blysse bryng
Qui cruce mori voluit.

Editor's Note:

This carol occurs in numerous forms in several manuscripts from the 15th century and earlier. Other examples on this site include:

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