The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Here Cradles One In Lowly Stall

For Christmas and Epiphany.

Words and Music: A 14th Century Latin Hymn.

See: Puer natus in Bethlehem - from Pię Cantiones, with notes and links to translations.

Source: E. H. Houghton, Poems and Translations (Oxford and London: James Parker and Co., 1871), pp. 56-59.

De Nativitate Domini.

Editor's Note: The Latin and English are printed on facing pages.

Here cradles one in lowly stall,
Who reigns beyond the bounds of all.

And the dumb tenant of the lair
Felt the God of heaven was there.

And kings from Saba, Heaven sent,
Gold and incense, myrrh present.

And each one, bending lowly down,
Salutes one of no earthly crown.

A virgin mother bears her son,
From nought of living mortal won;

No curse of serpent rests on Him
Of mortal blood, and mortal limb;

Of mortal look, both mild and fair,
Yet not the blush of sin is there.

His body shaped to mortal form,
That we to Him our souls conform.

With joy that runs the wide world round,
Let praise of Him with songs resound.

Let God, the Son, and Spirit pure,
Receive our praise whilst worlds endure.

Hic jacet in pręsepio,
Qui regnat sine termino.

Cognovit bos et asinus
Quod puer erat Dominus.

Reges de Saba veniunt,
Aurum, tus, myrrham offerunt.

Intrantes domum invicem
Novum salutant Principem.

De matre natus Virgine
Sine virili semine;

Sine serpentis vulnere
De nostro venit sanguine;

In carne nobis similis,
Peccato sed dissimilis;

Ut redderet nos homines
Deo et sibi similes.

In hoc natali gaudio
Benediamus Domino:

Laudetur sancta Trinitas,
Deo dicamus gratias.


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