The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Hark Ye Shepherds

Authorship Unknown

1. Hark ye shepherds, hasten to the manger,
Fear not to leave thy grazing sheep;
Hear the host of heaven loud proclaiming,
While God above His watch doth keep.
See now the light shinning about thee,
Sheer splendor glowing high and bring,
It was foretold by men holy, ye would
See Jesus our dear Lord tonight.

2. Haste ye shepherds, from the vale and mountain,
This holy night, this night divine,
Thus spake angels, telling the glad tidings,
Of goodwill, peace to all mankind.
Now follow quickly God's bright beacon,
Protecting all who hurry past,
Baby Jesus waits thy humble greeting
And offering of all thou hast.


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