The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Hark! What Celestial Notes

Christmas Hymn

Words: "Salisbury Coll."

Compare: Hark! What Celestial Sounds

Music: Not Stated
Meter: H. M.

Source: J. G. Adams and E. H. Chapin, eds., Hymns for Christian Devotion - Especially Adapted to the Universalist Denomination. Boston: Abel Tompkins, 1853, #207.

1. Hark! what celestial notes,
What melody, we hear!
Soft on the morn it floats,
And fills the ravished ear.
The tuneful shell,
The golden lyre,
And vocal choir,
The concert swell.

2. Angelic hosts descend,
With harmony divine;
See, how from heaven they bend,
And in full chorus join!
"Fear not," say they;
Jesus, your King,
"Great joy we bring:
Is born to day."

3. "Glory to God on high!
Ye mortals, spread the sound,
And let your raptures fly
To earth's remotest bound!
For peace on earth,
From God in heaven,
To man is given,
At Jesus' birth."

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