The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Hark! The Trump Of God Is Sounding

For Second Coming

Words: From the German of C.C. Sturm
Translated by Dr. Henry Mills, 1845

Music: Not Stated

Source: Henry Mills, Horae Germanicae (Auburn: H & J C Ivison, 1845), Hymn 98, pp. 181-182.

1. Hark! the trump of God is sounding,
The archangel's shout the call resounding,
Arise, ye saints, and leave the tomb;
Children of your heavenly Father,
To him from your dispersions gather;
The Lord of glory calls you home;
Behold the morning break;
Death's night is gone; awake!
Now is prepared
Your full reward;
That day, the last great day, is here !

2. Earth, and sea, and hell, are quaking;
Now the redeemed to life are waking;
To new and perfect life they rise;
Jesus comes in glory's brightness,
Before him mercy, truth, uprightness,
How fair their crown! how rich the prize!
They live with God's dear Son,
Their light his shining throne;
Shout hosannas;
Redeemer, thou
Dost give us now
Sure mansions of eternal peace.

3. Praise shall be our glad employment
Through endless day of pure enjoyment;
What stores in thee of grace unknown!
Joys are now all hope excelling;
New wonders still thou art revealing,
Our Friend, and God's beloved Son.
Never to eye appeared,
Such things were never heard,
Thine the glory;
O Lord, to thee
New songs and honors be addressed!

Editor's Note:

According to Dr. Julian in his Dictionary of Hymnology (1892), this translation, by Dr. Henry Mills (1845), is from the altered form by F. G. Klopstock, in his Geistliche Lieder, 1758, p. 246, as further altered in Zollikofer's Gesang-Buch, 1766, No. 303, where it begins "Wachet auf! so ruft."

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