The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Hark! On The Midnight Air

Words: Jam desinant suspiria, Charles Coffin (1676-1749), Paris Breviary, 1736
Translated by
Bp. J. R. Woodford, altered by A. H. Ward

S. Martin” (Rev. R. R. Chope, from “Congregational Hymn and Tune Book”)
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Peldon” (Aliquis)
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Meter: 66 66

Source: Arthur Henry Brown, ed., The Altar Hymnal (London: Griffith, Farrar, Okeden & Welsh, 1885), p. 33.

1. Hark! On the midnight air
Celestial voices swell:
The Hosts of Heaven proclaim,
“God comes on earth to dwell!”

2. Haste! With the shepherds see
The Mystery of Grace!
A manger-bed – a Child
Is all the eye can trace.

3. Is this the Eternal Son,
Who on the starry Throne,
Before the world began,
Ruled glorious and alone?

4. Yea, faith can pierce the cloud
Which shrouds His glory now,
And hails Him Lord and God,
To Whom the Angels bow.

5. A silent Teacher, Lord,
Thou biddd'st us now refuse
To bear what flesh would shun,
To shun what flesh would choose.

6. Pure be our love like Thine:
Our swelling heats bring low,
And, in our hearts, Sweet Babe,
Be born, abide, and grow.

7. So shall Thy Birth-day Morn,
Lord Christ, our birth-day be,
And we ourselves, new born,
Greet Thy Nativity!

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S. Martin” (Rev. R. R. Chope, from “Congregational Hymn and Tune Book”)
Peldon” (Aliquis)


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