The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Hail the King!

Words: Unknown

Music: James R. Murray

Published by John Church & Co., 1883

This song is found on pp. 88-89 from an unidentified collection of hymns.

Source: The Library of Congress, "Music for a nation: American sheet music, 1870-1885," Hail the King!

1. Shout aloud oh lovely Zion,
Your palms of vict'ry hither bring,
And hail with joy the great Redeemer,
All hail! all hail the King! hail the King!

Hail the King! All hail! hail the King!
With hearts and voices strong, hail the King!
Hail the King! all hail! hail the King!
With shout and palm and song!

2. Never rode so great a Monarch,
His triumph hailed by such a throng,
While earthly hearts and angel voices
Pour forth the same glad song, joyful song. Chorus.

3. "Glory be to Him that cometh,"
'Tis thus the welkin ever rings;
All glory, glory in the highest,
Redeemer, King of Kings, king of kings. Chorus.

Sheet Music

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1. "Welkin" means "heavens." See: Hark How All The Welkin Rings.

2. The last few words of each verse seem to be an echo of some sort. There is no explanation in the text.

3. After the Chorus, there is an optional musical interlude.

4. The next song in this songbook is "Come to the Saviour," words and muusic by George F. Root.

5. It's been discovered that the source hymnal was George F. Root and C. C. Case, eds., Pure delight! : a collection of songs and services for Sunday schools (Cincinatti: J. Church and Co., 1883), pp. 88-89. It is available at the Internet Archive.

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