The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Grepping in a '^(Unix|Wonderland)$'

CopyYeahRight 1994

Based on "Winter Wonderland,"
Words & Music by Dick Smith & Felix Bernard, copyright 1934

Let us ping, is it listening?
When you fing @snow.glistening
An ftp site, mgetting tonight,
Grepping in a '^(Unix|Wonderland)$'

Gone away: /usr/bin/sh,
Here to stay is tcsh
I'm in .deny (cron), my .newsrc's gone
Grepping in a '^(Unix|Wonderland)$'

In the rootdir we can build a shellscript
And pretend that it is parsing 'brown'
It echos 'Are you @ing?' We'll say "No man."
But use expr when you're in town

Later we'll use vi
As we find for some files
To face and forsake xmkmf when we make
Grepping in a '^(Unix|Wonderland)$'

Editor's Note: "UNIX" is an operating system; the term is copyright by AT&T; Linux is a open-source operating system similar to UNIX.  "Grep" is a program in UNIX which searches files for one or more pattern arguments.


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