The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

The Greatest Wonder

William Drummond Of Hawthornden (1585 - 1649)
A.K.A. William Drummond

To spread the azure canopy of Heaven,
And spangle it all with sparks of burning gold;
To place this ponderous globe of Earth so even
That it should all, and nought should it uphold;
With motions strange to endue the planets seven,
And Jove to make so mild, and Mars so bold;
To temper what is moist, dry, hot, and cold,
Of all their jars that sweet accords are given;
Lord, to Thy wisdom's nought, nought to Thy might;
But that Thou shouldst, Thy glory laid aside,
Come basely in mortality to bide,
And die for those deserved an endless night;
A wonder is, so far above out wit,
That angels stand amazed to think on it.

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